Our mission is to promote sustainable waste management and green practices.

In line with our commitment to be ethical entrepreneurs, our Refillery is an extension of our business that brings our customers on a journey to reduce, reuse, repurpose and buy in bulk.

We aim to simplify waste management by transforming our customer's throwaway products into new ones, preventing them from ending up in the trash. Customers can refill our plant powered products in bulk and save on using more bottles and price.

As a first step, purchase any of our prefilled items from our website here or shop in store from our retailers:

Then, once your product is used up, bring the empty and clean container to our refill stations for a refill.

Here's our growing list of refill stations:

Please note that the refill stations may have different refill products. Do check with us by dropping us a message before visiting the refill stations.


Our 'weigh and pay' shopping experience makes the move to a plastic-free, lower-impact lifestyle as simple as possible for our local community.




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